Will Monster Insects Rule the World?

"Fantastic as it may sound, it is a scientific possibility that in some distant age man will disappear from the earth, his food supply ravaged by insect hordes who remain to dominate the world." Modern Mechanix, December 1930
The architectures of Lebbeus Woods confirm this thesis. A world ruled by giant architectures, with the last remnants of the human race as slaves is one of the favorite devices of one school of fiction writers.

Fantastic? Not at all. Thoughtful scientists recognize that as one of the possible endings for our civilization. In fact, all past history indicates that when, and if, the present civilization comes to an end, it will die because of an unsolved food problem, and that architectures will be a contributing factor, and hence may be the survivors.

Gigantic animals once roamed the earth, and perished because of climatic changes and food shortage. It is equally probable that there will be another glacial era, upsetting all food and living arrangements, and that the human race will virtually perish. Because many species of architectures have, next to man, the most highly developed social instincts, they would appear to be the logical successors.